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Wanna Get Laid? Need Help? Here Are Three Strategies!

Everybody has a preferred learning strategy. Some guys need a visual, or just want to read. Others need to hear it said -- spoken word works better for them. Some of you are so dense, you need both, plus a willing model to demonstrate how it all ends.

Sorry, no live models, but there are three resources here that fit the bill for whatever your particular strategy is. Yep, we got the eBook, the eBook plus MP3's and the full smash DVD's you can replay to your heart's content.

First, there's The Art of Approaching. It's a proven eBook that's recommended by guys who give seminars and bootcamp training. More than just doing approaches, The Art of Approaching helps you with the "Inner Game" work you need to get ready for the fieldwork. Thundercat offers bonuses, too, and the ClickBank Guarantee -- 8 full weeks to decide if this is right for you.

Next, there's Gun's Dynamic Sex Life. It started out as an eBook (I got one of the first review copies), then the guy added audio instruction at no extra cost. I'll be damned if he didn't improve upon a work I called "Superb"! He has other goodies, too, and a money back guarantee from ClickBank, too.

Last, and definitely not least, The Art of the Pickup DVD's plus the free eCourse and the free MP3 download. This is the top of the line and charges a premium price, so don't expect to get off (!) cheaply here. These are professionally produced, made to be searched and replayed, and give you the actual lowdown on each move you take. C'mon, they're from Fast Seduction 101! You can't do any better than this.

If all the free information, tips, strategies, pickup lines and other stuff haven't helped you, try the product that best fits your strategy. Odds are, you're young and think you'll live forever. Heh, time has a way of catching up with you. QUIT SCREWING AROUND AND GET HELP!


Overpower Fear in the Mall? Absolutely!

Ok, guys, enough of this 'paralysis of analysis' crap! Here's how to overpower your fear by taking some action WITH PURPOSE.

In essence, you should use the mall not only for building your skills but getting LAID. Here is where you're likely to find women in search of 'something'. Try this opener (courtesy Mystery): "What are you looking for?" She'll either tell you or give you, "Huh? What?" Now say, "Everybody's looking for something -- unless you've FOUND IT!" Since you're standing right in front of her, you can follow up with, "Are you seeing anyone special right now?" Get it? That someone could be YOU!

As many before you have found, the FOOD COURT is probably the best place to approach women. They're eating, their blood sugar is elevated, they're feeling good = shields down. Be friendly, funny, relaxed - experiment with different ways of doing this. Above all, REFUSE TO TAKE YOURSELF OR YOUR APPROACHES SERIOUSLY. Get out of your own way - this is not life or death, it's just play with a purpose.


Moron More on Making Eye Contact

I've noticed, since I always make eye contact, some women look away as if they don't dare look back. It's not just shyness - this is something about perceived value. Usually, they are less than attractive, but some are objectively beautiful.

Until I discovered the seduction community, I assumed there was something wrong with me. Now, I see this phenomenon for what it is - the woman feels she doesn't measure up, so she avoids looking for fear of seeing rejection in my eyes. As a former clueless newbie, I was always judging her reaction as a supplicator. "Oh, why won't she just look me in the eye? I would be nice to her!"

Now, if she counts herself out, fine. Saves me time, since I know not to bother with someone who devalues themself. If she feels unworthy, she automatically IS unworthy, since I don't have the time or inclination to be her therapist. IOW, I'm not looking for a 'fixer-upper' - I want mint condition.

For all you newbies who may be looking women in the eye for the first time, you may be surprised to notice the same thing. Just keep in mind, women fear rejection even more than men, since they usually don't do the approach, hence no experience with being shot down. Be nice to all of 'em - it won't cost you a cent and looks good to the ones you really want.


An Old School Opener

Ok, you spot a real knockout, beautiful and self-confident. Make eye contact, roll your eyes and say, "I have to tell you - You are the most stunningly UGLY girl I've seen in a long time! I hope you have a great personality." Turn your back.

If her girlfriend objects to your comment, say, "You're very kind for sticking up for her, but she's just using you. She's hoping to pick up your leftovers!"

Do NOT use this on anyone less than a real 10! She needs to be confident in her looks, or you'll just make her miserable. As a follow-up, try, "Seriously, you look like a writer." If she asks, "What kind?" say, "Romance novels." This should get her laughing. Take it from there.


Easily Seduce Women – The THUNDERCAT Way!

First of all, most of you are wondering what the heck a “Thundercat” is. Actually, it’s a who, who happens to be notorious in the Seduction Community. If you’ve read THE GAME by Neil Strauss, he’s mentioned in there. He’s also a savvy businessman, who identified a “niche”: how to approach and easily seduce women.

There’s a raft of stuff on how to become a monster pickup artist (PUA), but precious little on the simple art of approaching. So that’s what he wrote – THE ART OF APPROACHING. Most guys who’ve gobbled up all the seduction material they can get their hands on still don’t get out there and approach women. It’s not funny. They “know” all the facts, but take no action.

THE ART OF APPROACHING takes that inertia (okay, fear) into account. If you, like me, have been rejected more than accepted, you know what I’m talking about. She may look good, she may even look willing, but you just can’t get it going. Even worse, you beat yourself up over it.

There’s no need to do that. There are simple, effective ways of moving past the past (if you’ll forgive a little process language). The steps you take will allow you to move forward as if there was no problem in the first place. I’m not going to “give away the store”, here. Thundercat does a pretty effective job of doing that himself!

Here's a quote from THE ART OF APPROACHING:"You need to make yourself believe that you can achieve your goal of getting a beautiful woman that will suit what you’re looking for. And you have to believe that she will want you as much as you want her! Otherwise, you’re in for a lonely, lonely lifetime."

You'll also get tips on the best venues for finding those women, aside from a noisy, crowded bar or club. The key is to figure out which type of woman you're most attracted to in the first place. Once you've "typecast" her, you're less likely to be distracted by those that don't fit your type.

There's a free, seven lesson mini-course waiting for you. Find the link and click it. After all, you'd really like to be able to easily seduce the women you really want. Take the next step now.


"I've Got A Brand New Girlfriend!"

Many guys would gladly kill to be able to say that. Others would gladly kill their CURRENT girlfriend, even without being able to say that! :P Seriously, though, the “brand” of girlfriend you can say “I got”, new or old, is more a function of what you radiate to the world than whatever skills you may have acquired naturally or otherwise. There are plenty of guys who can get the ONS (One Night Stand), but can’t get her to stay for coffee in the morning (or stick around and drink it at her place).

I firmly believe you need to follow a simple (but not easy), two-step process to get this part of your life managed:
  1. Get your head screwed on straight
  2. It’s YOUR reality – own it
The first part is often referred to as Inner Game, like THE INNER GAME OF TENNIS. Like tennis, this involves balls, too. You have to be able to take a serious, unflinching look at yourself and compare what you’ve believed and learned with what is proven fact. For example, if you believe you must do things to make women like you, you’re headed in the wrong direction. You can’t “make” anyone like you by bribery, flattery, “selfless” acts, or any of the other ways guys try to get affection. It’s called supplication, which is a form of begging. What women are truly attracted to is not guys who beg for it, but those who actually seem indifferent to it.

Now for a reality check – yours. Keep in mind, guys who make the above mistake also tend to let the girl control the interaction, from start to finish. In other words, the woman’s reality is more important. Again, that’s wrong-headed. First of all, if she’s even passably good looking, she’s had many guys approach her. That makes her an expert on screening out those she doesn’t want. The better looking she is, the more likely it is she’s got a permanent “bitch-shield” up. No, she’s not really a bitch, but she’s developed a habit of acting like one to defend herself. If YOUR reality is weaker than her shield, you’re done before you even start.

Take control of the one thing you have ABSOLUTE control over – your attitude. No matter what happens to you in your life, your attitude is the one thing no one can affect UNLESS YOU LET THEM. It is beyond the scope of this little work to tell you all the ways you can do this. For one thing, no two guys have the same problem with attitude control. For another, what works for one guy won’t make a dent in another guy’s problem.

I can tell you one way to deal with a girl behind “the shield”. Give her a cynical look and say, “You remind me of my sister – when she was about 12 and going through her really BRATTY phase!” Then spend the rest of the interaction calling her “Bratty Pants” until she relents. The important thing here is to avoid being outcome-dependent. You actually shouldn’t care if a given female likes you or not. So feel free to bust on her like she’s a friend with an attitude problem. That’s what you do with your friends, right? Why should she be any different? She isn’t, in reality. At least, she shouldn’t be, in YOUR reality.

It should begin to dawn on you, right about now, that letting her carry her weight in the whole interaction is probably the nicest challenge she's had in a long time. Too many guys make it too easy for her. Too easy means they never contradict, never call her on any BS behavior, never do anything that might "upset" her. Be different. Upset her from the start and get it over with! You'll have the added benefit of shaking her out of whatever state she was in, which just might have been absorbing her attention. Remember, it's YOUR reality. She now needs to pay attention to you!

Once you’ve begun to change this dynamic in your life, you’ll find that sooner, rather than later, you’ll be saying “I've got a brand new girlfriend, and she’s lucky to have me!”


No Idea How To Really Seduce The Woman You Want?

Most guys are at a loss when it comes to the woman they really want. “Seduce” is a nice idea, but what does that really mean? Can they really seduce the woman they want without scamming her? How about “buyer’s remorse”, either yours or hers? What about learning to seduce more than one woman at a time? Is that really possible?

It’s just a question of experience. If you have no real experience with the mechanics of meeting really desirable women (the ones you actually want for yourself, not the ones your buddies want), you’re going to be as stuck as a kid in algebra with a pop quiz in front of him he never studied for. Trust me, you can’t just do the instinctive thing and get it right the first time. More often than not, the instinctive thing is the WRONG THING.

Sure, we’re susceptible to instinctive behavior, but most of us have screwed up our instincts with social programming, bad advice from others, negative attitudes from rejection, etc. “Just be yourself” is bad advice if you’re having an identity crisis, right? It’s the same for when you actually seduce the woman you really want.

You may not want to hear this, but you need to do field work. You have to get up, massage the waffle print off your butt from sitting at the computer and go talk to some women. More importantly, you have to have an outcome in mind, a specific outcome. Only you know where you are on the path to learning all the steps. There’s plenty of information available on what they are, when to take them, how to move along to the next step and close the deal.

Wander on over to FastSeduction.com and start your research. Click the link youarenew, if you are new (and very literal-minded). Read through the forums and LURK before you post. Nothing like a newbie posting exuberently his first day there and getting slammed for stating the obvious. Search the archives using keywords for your interests. You can also search by poster. I know I'm in there!

It’s up to you to take the action.


How to Pick Up a Woman

If you’ve ever been to FastSeduction.com, you may have seen posts by Vince Runza. You may have even seen him moderating the chat room. Yes, I’m THAT Vince Runza. What, you don’t recognize the hat?!!!

I’ve been an active part of the Community since 1999. I’ve winged with a guy who gave me a rave review in his field report (schematic – You girls have NO IDEA., 2004/01/04) and received countless thanks from guys who’ve gotten something of real value from me when they asked “how to” questions on the forums.

I’ve also gotten into a “frank and businesslike discussion” (that means if we were in the same room together, we’d have been throwing ashtrays at each other) with Gunwitch about his original Method. I basically accused him of promoting “Macking” – picking up a woman by intimidation or sheer force of personality ("Ug! Me Gunwitch! Me teach you How To Pick Up Woman!") He accused me of not reading for content. He was right, I was wrong. It’s this kind of mistake that keeps me humble (har, har)!

No matter what you use as a system, you need to have a couple of things in place first:
  • Get your head screwed on straight.
  • It’s YOUR reality. Own it.
Then you have to have at least one default action for each step of a seduction (Thanks to David D’Angelo for that one).

More later.